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About us

The independent construction shop “VAGRES” , owned by Nikolić Radmilo (graduate in civil engineering), was established in 1996. year.

The business is based on:

  • Investment, construction, reconstruction, adaptation and repair of commercial, residential and other buildings,
  • Installation and repair of construction installations,
  • Finishing and craft works in construction

As a limited liability company (DOO), it was registered in September 2004. under the full business name Privredno društvo za inženjering ” VAGRES ing. LLC “.

VAGRES ing. DOO employs over 150 workers of all educational profiles. Most of them are expert civil engineers and architects, who form a management structure that wins and collects a large number of awards. When the need arises, VAGRES ing. Ltd. is ready at any time to engage its numerous professional associates for the purpose of implementing complex tasks.

VAGRES ing. DOO has a well-rounded work process. From the creation of technical documentation, which includes taking measures, creating projects, giving advice and consultation, procurement of materials, and up to the construction of facilities with the most modern equipment and tools with a high standard and complete care for the protection of the human environment. He is a participant in numerous humanitarian actions.

Business policy VAGRES ing. DOO implies a permanent investment in the education and training of its employees, especially in the winter season when there is less work in the field.

Several branches are registered within the company:

  • “Vagres” warehouse, Niš
  • Hotel “Danica”, Vrnjačka Banja
  • Bed and breakfast “Zone”, Niška Banja

For more than 20 years of existence, VAGRES ing. DOO built a complex of multi-family residential and residential-business buildings in Mokranjčeva Street, Čalija, on Pantelej in Studenička Street, as well as a large number of superstructures on multi-family residential buildings, adaptation of the Greek Consulate, the National Museum in Niš , the premises of the NKC , the Faculty of Medicine and Ph.D.

The company performed works for well-known investors: Directorate for Construction of the City of Niš , Nišprojekt, Housing and Communal Company NišStan , Humanitarian Organization IRC, construction and craft work on the building of the Home for Developmentally Disabled Children in Kulina , the real estate agency “TAMARIS” as well as numerous individuals.

VAGRES ing. DOO has complete machinery: ICB Excavator, cranes, cranes, mixers, aggregates, compressors, plastering machines, vibrators, circulars, as well as trucks for transporting construction materials.

VAGRES ing. LLC diligently approaches the implementation of its work with maximum respect for investors, regardless of the size and scope of the work.
As a contractor and investor, VAGRES ing. DOO always offers a large number of completed apartments and apartments under construction on the market.

The company’s headquarters is located in Niš, at Ivana Milutinovića Street 24, with all services, a project office, a building material warehouse, a plant for the production of construction carpentry, fert beams and concrete iron processing.

High quality and on time

Reference list

From the previous works, we would like to highlight:
• Residential area – Vagres City
• Residential area – Sunny Hill
• Residential building – Pantelei
• Multi-family residential building – Settlement “MOKRANJČEVA” Niš
• Multi-family residential building – Settlement “PANTELEJ” Niš

You can view the entire detailed reference list at the following link

Reference list of built objects

PDF document, 138Kb

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